Monday, October 27, 2014

#104 - GOD OF WONDERS by Third Day/Caedman's Call?

OK, first of all, who sings this song? I mean, who do I give credit to? Most famously we can hear Mac Powell's (Third Day) voice, but that's not really the whole story.

You see, in about a 2 year period between 2000-2002, a whole bunch of people gave this song a whirl. Caedman's Call 2001 CD 'In the Company of Angels: A Call to Worship' featured the song. In 2002, Chris Tomlin is credited with this from Passion, and Rebecca St. James has it on her 'Worship God' CD.

Paul Baloche did it in 2001, and also had the temerity to even call his CD 'God of Wonders', as if he invented the thing. Of course Third Day added it to their 'Offerings II' CD, and even Kutless did a version. And finally, there's the famous 2003 Britney Spears version, albeit with less clothes than the rest of the artists.

More importantly than who sings the dang thing, however, is why is this great song floundering down at #104? It seems like #104 should be 'We Want To See Jesus Lifted High' territory. Or maybe spot #104 should be occupied by that song we used to sing where we all got to do the motions of ringing a huge bell (C'mon, hands raised, who remembers that one? I remember it well, great for younger kids; but mostly I remember it because I invented the motions to that song. It was a simpler time, to be sure).

Cat Break:

Callie was homeless, and I  took her in (pretty spiritual, huh?). 

When I started this list, I went to my iTunes and put all of my worship songs in a playlist. I then eliminated a bunch of them from consideration, and then I copied and pasted my list into excel. Then, when it was time to start the list, I went through and picked the best of the best, separated them out, and set about to making the top 10 with just the best of the best songs (Bored yet? Just think, you could be anywhere on the internet looking at cat videos right now, but you're reading this). 

After I got the top 10 down, I just sort of repeated the process with every other set of ten until I got it done. It seemed to me that early on 'God of Wonders' got consideration to be put in the next 10 quite often, but every time the song didn't make the cut and was pushed back to the next set of 10. (Again, this is Pulitzer-level stuff here, you might want to bookmark this page).

Finally, near the end, the song just kept getting pushed down until was outside of the top 100 list entirely. Most everyone probably agrees it should be on this list, but it just never quite made the cut (incidentally, this is almost exactly the same reasoning my mom gave me as to why I didn't have a date for my prom).

Andy Fun Fact: I actually did go to the prom (and no, not with my mom), and the young lady who went with me now owns the Victoria House in Lewisburg.

Again, there are plenty of versions out there, and here's one of them. Hopefully, it's not the jazz fusion instrumental one:

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