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#77 I GIVE YOU MY HEART - Jeff Deyo


One of the neatest things for me since I started my 'best worship songs of all time' blog is that I get to re-appreciate some of the great songs that I loved when they first came out. We all know how it is, you are really 'into' something for awhile, and then slowly over time, you just sort of lose interest. This happens with songs, computer games, TV shows, your wife, whatever.(1)

(1) Having never been married, I assume this is what it's like. I think of marriage sort of like that 'Call Me Maybe' song. When it first came out, you were like, "Wow, this is so cool and catchy, I want to hear it again and again". But after a few weeks of hearing it non-stop, you began to think, "For the love of God, if I hear this song one more time, I swear I'm gonna rip my ears out of my head". Yea, I think that is probably what marriage is like.(2)

(2) You know what, having just re-read that previous paragraph, I'm beginning to think that that may be the REASON I'm not married. Eh, who's to say - I'll hash it out with my therapist.

Now, I've never lost interest in Jeff Deyo's music. It's just that as new music has come out the older music just keeps getting pushed further and further into the background, and I sort of forgot how much I loved the music when it first came out. One of the great albums from my past that I've sort of 'call-me-maybe-ed' is Jeff Deyo's first solo album, Saturate. I've covered Jeff Deyo's split with Sonicflood here, These Hands by Jeff Deyo, so I won't go over it again.

For those who don't know, Sonicflood was sort of the precursor to Jesus Culture, in that they mostly took older worship songs and they gave them a new hipper, rockier vibe. When Jeff Deyo came out with his first solo album, he sort of kept that going and updated some worship classics like I'd Rather Have Jesus, More Love, More Power, and of course song #77 on the countdown, I Give You My Heart.

I don't want to engage in hyperbole, but if you don't own this CD, the terrorists have won.
As I alluded to in the opening, I Give You My Heart is one of those songs that I sort of put on the back burner, but as I was preparing for this entry, I've learned to appreciate it all over again. But it's inclusion as one of the best worship songs ever now has me a little bit scared that I might have missed some good ones. You see, as I was going over my initial list, I sort of gave this song the old pass by. My thinking was, "Yea, this is a good song, and I guess I have to put it on the list, but I'm not particularly fond of it".

Now, listening to it all over again, it makes me realize why I liked it in the first place, and I'm worrying what other great songs I passed over simply because I hadn't heard them in a long time. Did I leave a great Hillsong song off the list simply because it came out in 2001? Have a forgotten a Passion classic simply because it was on that one album where everyone was muddy? Did I dismiss a great AC/DC song just because it's very likely that they worship Beelzebub?(3)

(3) Sure, songs like 'Highway to Hell' and 'Hell's Bells' make it SEEM like AC/DC worships Satan, but what about 'You Shook Me All Night Long'? Who knows, they could be talking about a long night of prayer being shaken by the Holy Spirit. Eh, probably not though.

I believe this is from Passion 2011. The guys from AC/DC beautifully illustrating 'being naked before God'
Getting back on track here, now where was I? Oh, yea, talking about how I'm re-appreciating I Give You My Heart. Stuff like this is why we they have the Saturday Night 80s show on your local FM station. You're cruizin' along on a Saturday night, minding your own business, coming home from your Overally-Attached-To-My-Cats support group, and the next thing you know, 3 minutes later you're singing Come On Eileen at the top of your lungs while you're alone in your car.

It's also the reason they run those Time/Life infomericals non-stop on VH1 all night. You know the ones I'm talking about - the ones hosted by some somewhat attractive lady in her 40s that you've never heard of and the guy who used to be the drummer for A Flock of Seagulls. I'll admit I can sit and watch those things for a while, but I actually do the math. Turns out you can get all the songs they offer if you just go to iTunes. It will cost you less overall and you don't have to wait 4-6 weeks or pay shipping. Seriously people, before you buy, Do. The. Math. Uh, I think I'm losing focus again.

Near as I can figure, which is Andy code for 'I did a little research, but got bored'; I Give You My Heart was first sung by Hillsong in the mid 1990s. As you'll see in the video that follows, the stepped up Jeff Deyo version is super-cool without losing the heart and meaning of the original. However, after listening to the slower original version, I realize that it was a great song as well.

The original was written by Rueben Morgan for Hillsong's God Is In The House CD in 1995, a CD which for some reason I actually own. What's interesting in comparing the two versions, even though they are both great, is that they almost sound like two entirely different songs. Jeff Deyo so up-tempo-ed it and rocked it out that it's almost as if he created an entirely different song out of the very same raw material. There's a real spiritual teaching in there somewhere, but for now, let's just get to the song.

Jaime Jamgochian Update: Ok, just one more J-Jam song in Andy's Extras this week. And after all the recent JamieJam gushing, this might be her best work. Great, GREAT song. Check it out. For those who are new, and don't know who Jaime Jamgochian is, here's the cliff notes: Her song, Hear My Worship, was #79 on the list, and I emailed her and told her and she actually came to my blog and tweeted about it. You can read the full story here: Third Day "Show Me Your Glory". 

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