Friday, January 9, 2015

#85 HERE IN MY LIFE - Hillsong

Here's an interesting tidbit: 3 of the last 9 songs on the countdown start with the word 'Here', including the last two. Heck, I even started this post with the word 'Here'. I checked and there are two more songs on the top 100 countdown that start with 'Here' as well (Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles and Here I Go Again by Whitesnake - towards the end I was just throwing any old song in there). I also checked my iTunes, and I have a whopping 21 songs in my music folder that start with 'Here'. That may sound like a lot, but I have over 100 that start with 'I'.

I don't know why the word 'Here' shows up so much in worship songs. Perhaps 'Here' is to worship artists what the word 'Just' is to corporate prayer. Think about it. How many times have you been in your Wednesday night Bible study and heard something like this, "Lord, we JUST come to you to JUST ask that you JUST be with us; we JUST lift our hands to you and JUST ask that you JUST help us...". Oh, by the way, now that I've just mentioned that to you, you CANNOT un-hear it. The next time you're with a group praying, you won't be able to stop hearing everyone overuse the word 'Just'. You're welcome for that. Glad I could help.

I don't really know why I mentioned all that, except for the fact that I still have over 80 songs to do and I'm already running out of things to say. (Yea, I know, some of you are saying that I ran out of things to say about 15 songs ago - VERY funny. Ha ha). But it's particularly tough when we come to yet another Hillsong song. As I mentioned here: High and Lifted Up, and here: One Desire, and here: You Said, ranking all the great Hillsong offerings is quite a challenge.

It gets even harder when I actually go to review the song in question. For Here in My Life, I found a really good video and I checked it out to make sure it was ok to include on the blog. As I was listening and singing along, I thought to myself, "Wow, this is a great song, it should be much higher on the list". Of course then I panicked and thought that maybe I DID have it much higher and had accidentally listed it twice, but that wasn't the case. I briefly considering moving it up a few dozen spots, but then I didn't want to make Heather Clark or Jeff Deyo or whomever mad by moving them down. (they all check this blog regularly, you know).

Hey, did you know that Hillsong is coming out with the Hillsong Movie? I swear it sounds like an April Fool's Day prank, but it's real. I guess it's about how the church and music started - I'm sure I'll probably see it. I think they're getting Bradley Cooper to play a young Joel Houston. You gotta hand it to the Hillsong folks, in addition to great music, they are champs are marketing - they never miss a trick.

Well, then again, maybe they have missed a trick or two, and I'm happy to help them out. You see, whenever these big new movies come out, they always also come out with all  the little extra nic nacs and doo-dads, like the live action dolls and collectible glasses you can get at McDonald's, etc. I don't know how the Hillsong brain trust missed this, but I can think of a TON of stuff they can package and market as Hillsong stuff with the release of this movie. Here's a few examples:

* The Mighty to Save piggy bank for your kids
* The I Feel Like I'm Falling medic-alert bracelet. The commercial writes itself: "I feel like I'm falling, and I can't get up!"
* The One Way GPS and Nav system for your car
* The Blessed push-up bra (no explanation necessary)
* The You Said earpiece for the hard of hearing
* The All About You Facebook app
* The Everything That Has Breath night time snoring apparatus
* The High and Lifted Up extension laddar
* The You Are Worthy contraceptive sponge for women (old Seinfeld joke)
* The One Day 16 month calendar
* The It Is You caller ID system
* The From the Inside Out roll-on deodorant
* The Irresistible body spray for men

Well, did I miss any? You see, this is what happens when you decide to do over 100 posts on something without thinking about how much actual writing that might entail. As the great Gob Bluth once said, "I think I've made a huge mistake". Hey, here's something to write about - If you haven't done so already, you should watch Arrested Development. For my money, one of the funniest shows EVER. Even if you've seen it before, watch it again, it gets funnier every time. So, SO very wrong.

Anyway, back to the song (finally). Here in My Life is off of Hillsong's Savior King album, which I presume is just as good as the one before it and almost as good as the one after it - I mean, how are we to know, it all sounds the same to me - whateve'. I did do a little research for this song, basically trying to find someone who listed the best Hillsong songs ever, you know, just to see where this one ranked.

I didn't find a lot of stuff, but again that's probably because I'm still using Netscape Navigator on my Commodore 64. What I did find tended to have a bias towards the more recent Hillsong stuff, mostly ignoring anything except the last 10 years. I did, however, find one good video where and obviously knowledgeable fan did his top 20 with video clips. As I watching it, I tended to agree with most of the selections, and appreciated that fact that he went all the way back to the 90s for some of his picks (he even had one pre-Darlene song on there).

Anyway, I was a little dismayed as I was coming to the end that Here in My Life hadn't been mentioned, but when we got to #1, this fella had the song ranked as the BEST Hillsong song ever. I of course was thrilled, because as we all know, you won't be able to figure out if your opinions or feelings are correct unless some random dude on the internet confirms it for you. So, anyways, here's a really good video that puts you right in the action, and you can decide for yourself if me and random internet dude are right in our mutual love of Here in My Life.

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