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The original Andy's Extras, which can be found here, is a page I created to put extra songs, etc. that don't make it on the countdown. The reason I needed an Andy's Extras 2 is that there are so many videos on the original that I fear it's taking too much time to load.
Once again I feel I should remind you that it won't always be just worship music here, it could be anything. But hey, it's free, so what's to complain about?

9/15/16 Thank You For The Cross
Kathryn Scott has a bunch of good songs from here solo work. Most of her most famous work, like the songs Hungry and Breathe, are of the slow variety. This song shows off her more upbeat side:

2/16/16 Knocking on the Door of Heaven - Passion 98
If there's one word to describe this song, it's 'catchy'. It just makes you want to sing and dance, kind of like a Taylor Swift song. It still has a slight old-school sound to it, but this song seems to bridge the gap between older worship and the modern worship movement:

1/6/16 Meredith Andrews - Soar
Ho hum, just another great one from Meredith Andrews. It says that this song was co-written by Mia Fieldes, someone should should probably check out, if you like this kind of stuff. Pretty good video put together by a fella named Bob Marshall on youtube:

10/14/15 Al Denson - Be The One
Holy crap! Listening to the intro to this song immediately takes you back to listening to late 80s/early 90s Christian radio. Watching the video makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Still, a great song from an artist who had a bunch of them:

9/2/15 Michael W. Smith - Secret Ambition
This video is SO 1988, the year I graduated college. At the time, Michael W. Smith's album I 2 (EYE) was HUGE!. In retrospect, it wasn't a great all-time album, but the song Secret Ambition was pretty good. I still listen to it on my old-time Christian music playlists. 

7/15/15 Natalie Grant - Held
I LOVE this song - SO pretty. I've been listening to it for a while now, but just for this post I went online to look up the video, which I'd never seen. Turns out there is an official music video for this song. Unfortunately, the official video is just mostly images of Natalie herself.
I don't know, based on the nature of the song, I was kind of expecting something else besides just Natalie Grant singing to the camera. It kind of takes away from the song, in my opinion. However, it IS a great song, but I've chosen not to use the official video.
Of course, if you'd like, I'm sure you'll be able to find the 'official' video for this song online. Spoiler Alert: Natalie Grant has great hair:

6/10/15 Sarah Reeves - Holy Spirit/Set A Fire
Sarah Reeves does this cool thing where she does covers of mostly current worship favorites, most of the time using just a keyboard, great acoustics, and her heavenly voice. This is one of the best ones, but if you search youtube for her stuff, you might find yourself in an endless Sarah Reeves worship spiral that's hard to escape. Enjoy. 

5/1/15  Donna Summer - Last Dance
If I ever did a top 100 disco songs of all time, this one would definitely be in the top 10. It's one of the defining songs of the genre, starting out slow and then exploding into full disco glory. Fun Fact: 'Full Disco Glory' was my nickname in Jr. High

5/1/15  Christy Nockels - Marvelous Light 
Marvelous Light is a song written by Charlie Hall and done a few times by different artists. But, as usual, Christy Nockels knocks it out of the park with her version. 

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