Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#78 SHOW ME YOUR GLORY - Third Day

Lots of new email subscribers this week. If you're reading this in your email for the first time, click the title at the top and go to the blog on the web. Better overall experience, plus they don't include the video with your email.

And...another wonderful song by Jaime Jamgochian in Andy's Extras.

I thought I'd break tradition and talk about the song right off the bat this week, instead of writing 6 paragraphs of nonsense before getting to it. But then I thought better of it, and decided to stick with what works. So, my faithful readers, this week's pre-'getting-to-the-song-already' rambling is all about one wonderful, superlative, exemplary woman, Miss Jaime Jamgochian.

You see, last week song #79 on the countdown was Hear My Worship, by the aforementioned Jamgochian.(1) Right after I had completed putting the finishing touches on that particular blog post, on a lark I decided to try and contact Miss Jamgochian and let her know that she had been honored to make my list. So, I googled her and went to her site, and then I sent her an email.

(1) I've decided to start using words like aforementioned. It gives the blog a little class, and it will help people find me if they do an internet search for the terms 'aforementioned' and 'idiot worship blogger'. I feel I'd be the #1 result in that case.

Of course I didn't expect that she'd read my email, or even care; and I definitely didn't expect that she'd actually come to my blog. But what she did surprised me. Not only did she actually read my email, and not call the cops, but she actually came to my little crappy blog and read it. And then, she, the most wonderful Christian artist of all time, gave me a little shout out on Twitter:

Now, most of you know I'm not exactly Taylor Swift when it comes to the social medians. The truth is that when I found out I'd been Twittered at, I didn't even know where to go in the interwebs to find the Twitter-box.  So, I googlied the phrase, "what to do if you've been twitterized", but that was no help. The only results I got were local emergency numbers, pictures of Sylvester the cat, and for some reason, a ton of images of men's feet.(2)

(2) Man, the internet is a weird and scary place. Seeing all those pictures of men's feet was really, really, REALLY upsetting, and I couldn't look at them anymore after about an hour and a half.

Anyway, when you're mired in the solitary blogger lifestyle like I am, it's nice to get a little treat like that now and again. And, as you might expect, it did lead to a bunch of J-Jam's Twitter followers coming and checking out my site, and hopefully some of them are reading this right now. Since it worked once, I think when I finish this I'll try to get in touch with the guys from Third Day and see if they'll come and visit the 100 Best Worship Songs blog.

OH CRAP! Third Day. I almost forgot we're doing a Third Day song this week. Third Day's Show Me Your Glory comes as the 78th best worship song ever, which is great for them, but bittersweet for me as it means that as soon as I publish, it will knock the truly saintly Jaime Jamgochian off the front page of this blog forever. Eh, you know what, maybe I'll just get rid of one of the other 37 Hillsong songs remaining on this list and replace it with a J-Jam song. Yea, that sounds good to me.(3)

(3)This was written so that Darlene Zschech fully understands how things work around here - it's pay for play, baby, that's the music biz. So, Darlene, fire up your Twitting machine and start linking.

As you can tell, I don't have a whole lot to say about Show Me Your Glory. It's not that I don't like the song, I like it a lot, and it is truly a great song and deserves a spot on the list. I think I just sort of take the song for granted since it's assumed that it's a great song and everyone knows it already.

I guess that's the thing about how awesome Third Day is. They're so good that we take it for granted how good they are and the massive amount of wonderful stuff they've put out. I did a very quick iTunes search on their stuff, and found at least 16 songs that everyone should have on their iPod. I think if I would have taken more time, that likely would have been 2 dozen or more:

Ha! As if almost proving my point, I still have my iTunes open, and I see Third Day's I've Always Loved You from 1999, which I didn't see in my first hurried research. Normally I'd just add the text in, but I've already made this little graphic above, so I'll leave the mistake in there. I first starting listening to Third Day with their Conspiracy #5 cassette in the late 1990s. The reason I got them is because I thought they sounded a lot like Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam, bands I was into at the time.

I think the point is made - Third Day is great. If I end up doing a 'Greatest Worship Artists of All Time' blog after this one is finished, Third Day would be in the top 20, and might even crack the top 10. (of course that's all decided by number of re-twitzits on Twitter). Now, let's get to the song, Show Me Your Glory.

Essentially, Show Me Your Glory is just a retelling of Exodus 33/34. Moses asked God to show him His glory, and when God did, Moses fell down and worshiped and was changed. It's a great song and a great way to illustrate an Old Testament story with modern sounding music. However, I think the reason that this song isn't a little bit higher on the list is that it sort of makes me sad when I hear it. The source of my sadness comes from this part:

When I climb down the mountain
And get back to my life
I won't settle for ordinary things

To me, this a GREAT sentiment, and it would be awesome if it were true for more people than just Mac Powell et al. But we have a Christian sub-culture that craves these mountaintop experiences like crazy, while at the same time we almost ALWAYS immediately settle for ordinary things when they come down from the mountain.

I saw it when I was a youth pastor from the kids, and I saw it from the people at my church. Heck, the things I was doing helped to support this type of mountaintop experience chasing. And the worst thing about it is that the things that we're chasing after are nowhere near the same type of glory Moses sought, only pale and mostly powerless imitations.

Wow, sorry for being such a Debbie Downer there. Maybe I should just shut up and let people enjoy the song. And hey, why don't you be like Internationally famous recording artist Jaime Jamgochian and share, or tweek, or comment, or just sign up for email below. I know Jaime would.

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