Wednesday, March 4, 2015

#79 HEAR MY WORSHIP - Jaime Jamgochian

Here are the basics of this week's song Hear My Worship by Jaime Jamgochian:

Girl + Piano = Magic.

Yep, that's about it. This one if one of my very favorite songs because it's so simple, so beautiful, and it's done by one of my favorite artists, Jaime Jamgochian. For those unfamiliar with her body of work, Jaime, or J-Jam as I call her (1), sings mostly light pop/worship music, with a tiny bit of an edge. Her style is probably most closely related to that of Natalie Grant.

(1) I call her J-Jam because we're really close, good friends actually. Believe it or not, she actually asked me to sing at her wedding, AND to give away the bride. I was honored. But not as honored as when she gave me full producer credit on her latest album and donated her kidney to me. PS - None of the preceding is the least bit true.

As I mentioned in #89 Savior To Me, Jaime Jamgochian is probably my favorite artist in the pop/worship ladies genre. The reason I call it pop/worship is that when you hear it, you can easily see it being played on Christian pop radio, but then as you hear it more, you're thinking to yourself, "Hey, this might be good to use for worship". Also, I'm not sure if this is really a thing, but when I try to separate my music to put on playlists, it's a real thing to me.

I'm funny that way. I've spent WAY too many hours separating my music and putting it all in the proper eras, genres, and playlists so that I can listen to it properly in my car. Although, when I think about the logic of it, I know it doesn't really matter at all. To me, Kari Jobe is a worship artist, but she has a bunch of songs that sound like pop songs, so where do I put them? Eh, who knows? What I end up doing for Jaime Jamgochian is just putting most of her songs on multiple playlists and genres. Someday when we're all in heaven, the truth will be revealed (pretty spiritual, huh?)

Now, J-Jam is not what you would call a 'prolific' artist, as in putting out an album a year or 6 albums a year like Hillsong does. If you go to her on iTunes, and you take away the various singles, EPs, and the obligatory Christmas stuff, she really only has the two full albums you see above - Reason To Live came out in 2005 and Above the Noise came out in 2010. My advice: Go to iTunes and listen to the clips from Above the Noise and then buy it - it's a great way to spend $10. Or you could just spend it on booze, your choice.

Here's to hoping that she continues the every 5 years trend and puts out a new album this year, but I haven't heard anything. Looking at her site, it seems that she spends most of her time leading worship at women's events, which seems to be her wheelhouse. She's also involved in something called 'Modest is Hottest', which encourages young women to dress and act modestly.(2)

(2) I went to the 'Modest is Hottest' site hoping to see some pictures of hot chicks in revealing clothing, but there were none. Don't waste your time, fellas.

Anyway, lately I've been asking myself how a 50 year old single dude can have the music listening tastes of a 38 year old married-with-three-kids woman from Saginaw, Michigan; and I really don't know why. Back when I was in my 20s, the only thing I liked was classic rock - you know, really manly stuff. But now, when I look at myself and the music I buy and listen to, it's like accidentally seeing Eddie Van Halen in a minivan dropping his little girl off for soccer practice.

Eh, I guess people change, I guess stuff happens. Sure, I occasionally kick back and listen to Queen's Greatest Hits, but mostly I listen to 'chick music' now. Wow, it feels good to finally admit that. It feels good to let go of the past. It feels good to finally be free to be who I am. It feels good to use the word 'chick' twice in one post. I guess I'll own it now, it's who I am. If someone comes up to me and asks, "Hey, you're a dude, why do you listen to Jaime Jamgochian?", I'll just say, "I have two ears and a heart, don't I?"

One of the criticisms of today's modern worship music is that most of it seems very glitzy and over-produced. If that's true, then Jaime Jamgochian's Hear My Worship stands out like a sore thumb. The song is so simple and so beautiful that it makes you wonder why others bother with all that extra stuff. Anyway, here's the song. And as a bonus, I added Jaime's stripped down, similar-sounding song You in Andy's Extras. 


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