Saturday, October 25, 2014

#106 - ROOFTOPS by Jesus Culture

Man, there's just something about the way Kim Walker-Smith sings a song, am I right? Here voice seems to hit you right in your worship spot, if such a thing exists. The Jesus Culture album Come Away was released in 2010, which makes Rooftops one of the very few songs on this list from this current decade My guess would be that only about 8-10 songs on the Top 100 list were released since 2010, including most of the Katy Perry songs on the list.

This song also gives me the opportunity, early in the game here, to reveal some of my methodology for song selection. There are real, genuine concerns (to some people), about some of the things that have to do with Jesus Culture; from their theology, to their theatrical presentation, their associations, and even the little giggling fits the KWS seems to get during most of her songs. You should note that I'll be calling her KWS from now on, just to save time. See, it's a lot easier to type KWS than the whole Kim Walker-Smith thing, especially since I have trouble with hyphens.

However, it just now occurs to me that in the time it took me to type that, I've wasted any time that I could have saved later by typing KWS instead of Kim Walker-Smith. OK, what should I do know? Oops, now it ALSO occurs to me that from here on in I won't even be mentioning Kim Walker-Smith, so there's no need for me to find a way to type it faster by going with KWS. In short, I'm an idiot.

Anyway, back to the potential theological problems with Jesus Culture. My feeling on all of this - who cares? Oh, I could take every artist on this list and examine them for doctrinal accuracy and theological purity, but that would likely eliminate a bunch of good music and give me less than the zero readers I currently have. Nope, there's no reason to go into all that. For example, it's a little-known fact that in the late 1980s all Vineyard churches were required to have twice monthly goat sacrifices before each service. (1)

(1) There is not even the slightest bit of truth in that statement, as with most content herein.

Anyway, when looking at songs for inclusion on this list, I'm going to stick to one simple method: Me Listen, Me Likey. No muss, no fuss. Simple. If the song Shout To The Lord was written by Adolph Hitler, I'd still have it on this list. This of course brings up the old time travel conundrum: If you could go back in time, would you wait to kill Hitler until AFTER he wrote Shout To The Lord, even if it meant losing Poland? Time travel philosophers have debated this for centuries.

Before we get to the 'Rooftops' worship/concert video, here's a very interesting and very well done take by two brothers. It's worth a listen (and entirely giggle-free):
ANDY EDIT: When I first posted this, I had just stumbled upon this version. I've gotta tell you, after listening a few more times, that the phrase 'worth a listen' is quite flippant. This song frickin' rocks. You MUST listen to it. (btw, GREAT acoustics - there's a room to practice your singing).
Sorry, punks. If you don't have huge speakers, screaming electric guitars, and rocking drums, it ain't worship. (Since the sarcasm button hasn't been invented yet, I think it's best to know that if you find yourself asking, "Is he being sarcastic", while reading this blog, the answer is always Yes). 
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