Monday, January 5, 2015

#86 HERE IS OUR KING - David Crowder Band

Brace yourselves my friends, I have a shocking confession to make: I like to dress up in women's clothes and sing show tunes. Oops, sorry, wrong confession - that was meant to come much later in the countdown. Nope, this particular confession has more to do with my status as the arbiter for what constitutes good worship, so here is my stunning confession: I'm pretty sure that I don't exactly 'get' David Crowder.

I live in a world where it seems that David Crowder is seen as the THE worship music genius of our century, and that beautiful, wonderous, ethereal worship sounds spring forth from every part of his being. Whereas almost everyone I talk to seems to think that David Crowder is the greatest thing since tagless underwear, my personal opinion of him is just, "Yea, he's OK, I guess".

You see, I just don't get it. Don't misunderstand, I'm fine with David Crowder and his music, and my iPod contains several Crowder songs. He's never done anything to upset me, and I generally have a pretty positive feeling when it comes to his music. I'm just not sure that I agree with the masses that he's 'all that and a bag of chips', as all the hip kids are fond of saying these days. 

Hey, guess what I did the other night? I DVR'd the 1955 classic James Dean movie 'Rebel Without A Cause'. Of course I'd heard about it forever, as it's supposedly one of the defining theatrical classics of the 20th century, but I'd never seen it. Fortunately, Turner Classic Movies had it on and I taped it.

I sat down with my popcorn and my cats and I prepared to be elevated to another level by cinematic genius and thesbianatical greatness. I love the study of history and culture and it seems that there are very few cultural phenomenon bigger than Rebel Without A Cause in the last 50 years or so. About half way into this legendary classic, I was struck by one gnawing thought in the back of my head: "This movie SUCKS!"

Oh, it wasn't just that I thought it was a sucky movie because it didn't live up to the build up, Nope, this movie sucked through and through. (and I should tell you I REALLY wanted to see it). The story was meaningless, the acting was bad. and many of the plot points were laughable. For example: Let's say you're a teenage girl and your boyfriend dies in a terrible car accident. What is the acceptable time to wait until you declare your undying love for another boy and make out with him? 2 years? A year? Maybe the next school year?

Well, in this movie, OSCAR-NOMINATED??? Natalie Wood waited all of about 3 hours after her boyfriend died before she was proclaiming unending love for another boy - a boy by the way who was as responsible as anyone for her ex-boyfriend's death. I actually laughed out loud at several points during the movie, which wouldn't be so bad except it wasn't supposed to be a comedy. To me, Rebel Without A Cause works better as fodder for Mystery Science Theater 3000 than as a movie classic.

You see, I don't get Rebel Without A Cause - and I don't think I ever will. It's not that I wasn't paying attention. It's not that I don't understand teen angst. It's not that I have a bias against older movies - as I stated, I had heard it's a classic and I really wanted to see it and to like it. Maybe some of my older readers can help me out here, but I just don't get it.

Could I be wrong? Sure, it's probably even likely that I'm wrong. I mean, the whole world community on movie greatness thinks this thing is awesome, so what do I know? I mean, I'm still waiting for Adam Sandler to get his Oscar for Billy Madison.

In the same sort of way, I don't get the massive appeal of David Crowder. Of course, unlike Rebel Without A Cause, I don't think David Crowder sucks. To me it just seems that most of his CDs are a few good/decent songs with a LOT of artistic filler. Maybe I'm just a thick-skulled caveman who can't understand the brooding genius of the likes of James Dean and David Crowder, but I'm just not seeing it.

Now that I've just thoroughly insulted the very people I hope will come back again and again and read this blog, let's get to the song - Here Is Our King. Despite my misgivings about David Crowder being the Michael Jordan of modern worship music, I think that this particular song is WONDERFUL!!

Here Is Our King is the absolute Webster's definition of modern pop/light rock/worship. It's virtually perfect in it's listenable-ness and singable-ness (words I just made up). The lyrics are simple, thoughtful, positive, and hopeful. DC and the band are great, and, as I mentioned is important for me here, Awaken by Natalie Grant, it REALLY works for me in worship. If a song could be a tangible thing, this song would be the smile of a 7 year old girl.

One of the reasons I write so much nonsense and silliness in my posts is that I just am not able to write a whole lot about why I like a song, or why I think a song is good or not. Sometimes a song really hits me in the sweet spot, and sometimes it doesn't. There's really no scientific, rational explanation for it. Here Is Our King really does it for me. I like it when it comes on in my car, or when I'm alone, or when I'm mowing the lawn - the song just makes me smile. I hope you feel the same way:

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