Saturday, January 16, 2016

#66 GOD YOU ARE MY GOD - Meredith Andrews


When I started this blog a little over a year ago, my thinking was, "Hey, I've got about a dozen or so friends who might be interested in this". So you can imagine my surprise when last week this little blog eclipsed 50,000 views. And while I'm not really big on the responsibility that this brings, I do appreciate the support. So, thanks to everyone.

I guess I really shouldn't be that surprised. I mean, those of us who like worship music seem to REALLY like worship music. And of course, everyone loves lists, so the thing just sort of writes itself. But, I will take a smidgen of credit - you don't get to be 'The #1 Ranked Worship Blogger in the History of the Internet' by just putting a sign on your blog that proclaims that. (1)

(1) There is a great deal of evidence that suggests that's exactly what happened

And the good news for all of my faithful readers is that it should just keep getting better. Oh, I don't mean that I'm going to get better - no, I'll still be a pretty crappy writer. What I mean is that as we wind our way closer and closer to the top of the list, the songs should, in theory, get better and better.

What better way to test that theory than to announce song #66, God You Are My God, by Meredith Andrews. This is the second entry on the countdown from Meredith - her first song can be found all the way back at #95, Strong God. I think I recall at the time that I shamelessly made fun of her kid's names. If you'd like to see that train wreck of an entry, go here: #95 Strong God.

I also mentioned at the time that if I had to buy any one worship artist, without hearing anything, I'd buy a Meredith Andrews CD over anyone else. She just seems to be hitting it out of the park on almost everything she does these days. She released a new single this past fall that's pretty decent, and I'm hoping that means a new album is coming out soon. Heck, why don't I just put the video for that song, entitled Soar, in Andy's Extras 2, so you can see for yourself.

You might as well check out the new single while you're here. Keep rockin' the bangs, Mer.

As was the case with the song Strong God, God You Are My God maybe should be more properly called a Vertical Church song. But it's listed under Meredith Andrews in my iTunes, and in order to remain consistent, I'm calling it a Meredith Andrews song. Plus, much like the New York Times and NBC News, there are no fact-checkers here.

The song itself is my favorite kind of worship song that starts out all slow and mellow and then about two minutes in you have all this rocking and clapping and shouting and other worship-y stuff like that. And then, just like that, it slows down again and finishes off like it started.

The video below is a great concert type video, which gives you a good look from behind the audience. I like it when you can see all the people sort of swaying slowly and waiting at the beginning; and then you can see everyone get excited and bouncing around as the song revs up.

Once again, since this is a relatively new song, my hope is that it's new to you and you've found a new favorite. Enjoy.

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