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#89 SAVIOR TO ME - Kerrie Roberts

And yet MORE Amy Grant Christmas music in Andy's Extras.

Did you ever play that word association game? You know, the one where someone says something and you're supposed to say the first thing that comes into your head? Here's an example: someone would say 'Andy' and you would instantly say 'cool', or 'handsome', or 'not at all desperately lonely and needy'. I'm going to try it once on myself, here goes: 'hamster' -----> 'blender'. I'm sure my therapist would have a real field day with that one. 

Well, we're going to play today. Or rather you're going to play, so let's go. Now, I'm going to ask a question below (and hopefully hide it correctly), and as soon as you read the question, I want you to say the first answer that comes into your head. If I did this correctly you'll have to put your cursor over it and highlight it to see the question. Let's try it. Remember, don't think too much, just answer:

What is your favorite song?

Well, if you're anything like me, and I'm sure you are, then your favorite song changes from time to time. Maybe you answered with your favorite song of all time, a song you've always loved. Or maybe you answered with your favorite song right now, something you've only had for a few weeks and listen to constantly RIGHT NOW. 

For me, my 'favorite song' changes from time to time. I have a few 'all-time' favorites, but I'm always trying to get new music and when I get something I really like, I sort of consider it my current favorite. In order to illustrate this point, I'm going to fire up the flux capacitor and take you back to visit with 8 year old Andy Prosseda.

And yea, you're right, that punk Bieber stole my look.
"So, Andy, are we getting to the song soon?" Nope, not even close. Moving on. 8 year old Andy didn't have an iPod, what he had was a record player that played 45s. And when I got my first record player, I was ecstatic to get it. I also only started with about five 45s, so I essentially had only five songs I could play while I was alone in my room.

So, what's the point of all this? Up the word count? No. The point is that I clearly remember what my very first 'favorite' song was. I had a 45 and I played it all the time. And you, lucky reader, are going to be able to share in the very song that was Andy's favorite song in 1973. Before I share the video of my very first ever favorite song, I'm going to have to ask that you DO NOT share this information with anyone outside of this blog. It would ruin my reputation as a dude. PS: I Triple-Dog-Dare you to make it through the whole thing (this one's for you, Egg):

Wow. Just wow. This song is the absolute Webster's dictionary definition of wonderful/terrible. My favorite part is at around 2:10 where he blows a little kiss to the 11 year old girls in the audience. (Go ahead, watch it again. I missed it the first time too, and God knows the DeFranco Family's youtube channel could use the extra views, I'm guessing).  
So, do you guys want to know what my favorite song is right now? Now, normally I would chastise you for not knowing that my favorite song is the one listed at the top of this page; but if you've read all this, and watched and re-watched the video, it's probably been like 45 minutes since you were at the top of the page, so you'll be forgiven this time. 
Kerrie Roberts' Savior To Me is my favorite song right now, and it's been my favorite song for at least a year now. Normally I'd say I don't have enough musical knowledge to explain why I like a particular song, but in this case I can list several reasons why I love this song so much.
The Video
I have to admit that the video for this songs helps it a lot. It's simplicity is neat. It's just Kerrie singing and worshiping and that's it. Heck, she didn't even bother to put on shoes to shoot this video.
Kerrie Herself
Kerrie is the perfect example of an attractive, handsome women who's pleasant enough to watch, but not so much so that she's distracts from the song (one of the main reasons I never got into music). 
The Vocals
Wow. Kerrie just sings the living crap out of this song, no other way around it. Some nice light touches here and there, and some booming at other places. Just awesome. 
The Worship
I love this song SO MUCH because I feel like Kerrie is sort of singing it like I sing it. Just being alone and doing whatever comes natural. I also love that towards the end she seems like she can hardly contain herself, but she sort of has to because, you know, she's making a video. 
The Build Up
I like it when a song starts sort of slowly, and then builds up. In some places, you'll see this song listed as Savior To Me (Sing Glory), because there's a whole second part of the song that's different from the first part.  
It SO Works
What I mean is that this song really works for worshiping and singing to God. It has just the exact right whatever it is that makes it a perfectly wonderful and singable worship song. Can't explain it. Just try it, you'll see.  
Well, I might as well put the song in here now, no use waiting until the end. Once again, I REALLY hope that many of you haven't ever heard this, and that you immediately love it:

So, I guess a fair question to me would be "If this song is so great, then why is it ranked #89?" Fair question, random reader. And here's the answer: Have you heard of this song before? Do you know who Kerrie Roberts is? Are you familiar with her stuff?

You see, the people who keep coming back here and reading my blog are likely interested in, and know a lot about, worship music. And if most of THOSE people, or even a lot of them, haven't ever heard of a song, it would be hard to say that it could be one of the all-time greats of modern worship. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I've allowed myself seven (approx.) indulgences for this blog. The indulgences mean that, sure, this might not be an all-time great by most people's standards, but I really, really like it. I think I may have also used one of my indulgences for this one as well, Awaken by Natalie Grant. It doesn't really matter, because just like when the Catholic Church was doing it, indulgences are just made up thingys anyway.

Another reason Savior To Me isn't ranked higher is that Kerrie Roberts really isn't a 'worship artist', whatever that means. Most of her stuff is more in the poppy, maybe even dancy genres, genres which I just made up. However, if you did really like that song, and you want to youtube some other of her stuff that you might like, and you're not interested in pop/dance stuff, I'd recommend these songs: Beautiful To Me, Like Jesus Loves, Keep Breathing, and Love Comes Down.

While looking up these songs, I just realized I have a HUGE amount of songs on my iTunes by women whose names begin with the letter K. You know what I'm gonna do for anyone who has made it this far? Being that this is the season of giving, I'm going to give you all an unprecedented THIRD video in this blog post. It's another Kerrie Roberts song, and despite all that other stuff I said, this may even be her best song.

Have you ever seen ABC's Once Upon A Time? I saw a few episodes, but I didn't follow up. If they ever have it somewhere from the beginning, I'll probably get into it. Anyway, before the show aired, ABC was running a bunch of promotional trailers, and the song they used was Rescue Me, by Kerrie Roberts. A fan of the show made up a video to go with the song, featuring scenes from the show. Take a listen, GREAT song, IMO:

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