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#92 CREATED by Vicky Beaching

Andy's Extra's Update: The Four Seasons song that helped start this blog.

Ok, I may have messed up on this one. I may have bungled it. I might have screwed the pooch here. Or, to use a term many of you are more familiar with, I may have 'Pottered' this one up (Hmmm. Can I say that? Eh, I'm pretty sure Alan doesn't read this anyway). My main mistake might be that this song isn't anywhere near as popular or as well known as I thought it was, which I claimed was going to be a main part of my decision process.

You see, although it may appear like it, I don't just throw a song up here and let my fingers ramble along the keyboard for 15 minutes and then post the update. Nope, for each song I do a little research, look for a cool video that someone made, or even find out little tidbits about the artist. For instance, did you know that Vicky Beeching was an all-state bassoon player in high school? She wasn't, but would be the kind of tidbit that would be interesting were it true.

In this case, when I went to youtube to find a video for this song, I found exactly two videos on all of youtube that had this song. The first one was a perfectly fine video, but it was a video that a lady had made for her family, so it was just pictures of her kids. Hey, by the way, lady, Timmy needs a haircut (why is it always 'Timmy' with me?). 

The second video, and the one we'll use here, is another perfectly fine video with some nice nature scenes, etc. The only problem with this one is that in addition to the lyrics in English, they also supply the lyrics in another language as well. I'm thinking the language might be Dutch, but it might as well be Klingon or Elvish for all I know. Actually, I've changed my mind, I'm going with Swedish. You decide:

There's no geschapen like OUR aanbidden, am I right, or am I zijn?

Another warning sign that I may have over-hyped this song is that there are just three youtube comments on this video, and they are all over three years old. In an era when you can post a 7 second video of a kid accidentally hitting his grandpa in the groin with a wiffleball bat and get 12 million views, 3 comments is pretty terrible. And this was BEFORE Vicky Beeching announced to the world that she was a, well, I don't want to say it, but again, it starts with an 'L' and ends with an 'esbian'.

Ah, the controversy. Well, as I mentioned in this post Captivated, and this one, Rooftops, I can't really waste my time on the lifestyles, or belief systems, or anything else when trying to compile this list, it would drive me crazy. The only thing that matters (for the list), is whether the song is good or not. That's it. But you know what, the more I think about it, the more I'm starting to realize that there may be something about those who practice Vicky's lifestyle that makes them good singers.
#DangThoseLesbiansCanSing, #VickyBeeching, #MelissaEtheridge, #JenniferKnapp, #IndigoGirls, #AdamLevine

Just imagine the picture I could have put here based on the last paragraph, and be thankful for my kitties, Lucy and Pooh.
NOTE: I'm pretty sure some of you are tired of hearing me mention that, but it might matter to some people, and for some reason still over half of my traffic is new visitors. Plus all the cool 'make your blog great' stuff I read tells me to continually link back to your older posts, to get the extra clicks, which in turn leads to more money. So far, all that extra clicking has made me, let's see, carry the one, zero dollars and zero cents.

NOTE #2 Actually, if I'm not mistaken, in order to make money on your blog or whatever, I think you have to monetize it, and I'm pretty sure that involves letting them put ads on your site. Uh, no thanks. I think I'll stick with my few dozen views and skip the male enhancement ads next to my picture of Darlene Zschech singing. 

So, anyway, now I am at the point where I've made the list and I've got this song here, and all of a sudden I'm realizing that it might not be as well known as I thought it was. For the most part, I'm out here on my own when it comes to finding new worship music. As I mentioned with my last song, Here I Am, I had no idea if anyone else was listening to that song or considered it a good worship song. 

The same thing sort of applies here to Created, but it's a little different. Unlike Shawn McDonald, Vicky Beeching has some serious worship credentials to back her up. Most notably she wrote the music and lyrics to the GREAT There's No One Like Our God off the Hungry CD. Plus, based on her Vineyard connections, I'm pretty sure this isn't the last time we'll see Vicky Beeching on this list. Actually, I'm not really sure, and I don't feel like looking it up. #Lazy.

This is my new Facebook friend. I feel I need to mess with him.
But, of course, I love the song. And until you get your own blog and do your own write-ups, that's what counts. NOTE: Please don't get your own blog, I'll lose all my audience. Created starts off almost like Here I Am, with just a little guitar and Vicky's wonderful, soothing voice. The second verse adds a little percussion-y stuff, and then the chorus comes in a little stronger. 

But the musical thing that nails it for me in this song is that the second time the chorus comes around, it hits you so unexpectedly. The songs starts off with mellow acoustic pop, and a minute and a half later it roars in with what sounds like 1980s era arena rock, as if Roger Cooper starting touring with a Journey tribute band. The contrast is stark, and in my opinion, makes the song.

So, anyway, I'm pretty sure that this song doesn't really deserve a spot on the top 100 worship songs of all time, but it's here now, and we're gonna have to deal with it, kind of like we feel about Obama. Hey, I just realized something: If someone were to google 'Roger Cooper', 'Obama', 'male enhancement ad', and 'Lesbian', it would probably take them straight to this page. On second thought, don't do that.

Once again, I'd like to know in the comments whether or not you guys are familiar with this song. I'd love to get another, "I've never heard this song but now I love it". I just went over my list, and I'm guessing there might be two or three more songs on the list like this, but that's probably all. At least when I review them, I'll be able to link back to this post.

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