Sunday, October 26, 2014

#105 - HIGH AND LIFTED UP by Hillsong


So, here's the problem with Hillsong music: Every time they come up with a new album, you go to iTunes to see the reviews and generally there are only two kinds of reviews. 

The first kind are the ones where they say that this new album is the best Hillsong album since 'Mighty to Save' or the best album since 'Blessed' or the best album since Hillsong's 1948 release, 'Hillsong Covers the Greats of the Big Band Era'. It doesn't matter what it is, it's Hillsong, and they love it.

The second kind of review is the one where they say that they used to love Hillsong, but now it all sounds the same. Yea, I get that. It's been a long time, and they've made a lot of music, and it does tend to mash together after awhile.

But just because it all sounds similar, doesn't mean that it isn't still good. Almost every time Hillsong puts something out, there are legions of fans who swear that this album is just as good if not better than everything that preceded it.**

**The exception, of course, is Hillsong's universally hated and critically reviled 2005 release "Something About Jesus, And Worship, And Blah, Blah, Blah" When confronted about the shoddy nature of the album in an interview with Worship Stuff magazine, Pastor Joel Houston admitted the album wasn't their best work, saying, "Yea, I think we kind of mailed that one in. We recorded the whole thing after lunch on a Tuesday afternoon, and we had to quit around 3:30 because Darlene's kid had a dentist appointment. Heck, our drummer was out sick so we just had our gardener sit in on drums. But hey, 27,000 people got saved". (fun fact: that former gardener is now the drummer for Maroon 5).

This Is Our God, released summer, 2008
There is so much Hillsong stuff out there that it's made it REALLY difficult for me to pick which ones should be included on the list. I'm sure that when this list is done, someone will say, "How could you leave off *Random Hillsong Song*?, it's their best one ever" (fun fact: *Random Hillsong Song* just went over 1 million downloads on iTunes).

So, except for a few Hillsong mega-hits like 'Mighty To Save', 'Shout To The Lord' and 'Highway to Hell' (that last one may not actually be a Hillsong song), I don't really know where to put any of them. 

So, why does this song make the list? Well, I just like it. I probably like it just a tiny bit more than 10 Hillsong songs that didn't make the list, and just a tiny bit less than 7 Hillsong songs that are ranked higher than this one. (in other words, the exact same way that many of you ended up married). But really, what the heck do I know? I loved "Something About Jesus, And Worship, And Blah, Blah, Blah" when it came out.

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