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When I first started this blog, I just sent it out to people I know. A few weeks in, I decided to advertise other places, and this is likely where you've come from. Getting the word out to strangers has worked so that now the vast majority of people who read this blog are people I've never met. My friends 'get me', but since you probably don't know me, here's what you might wonder about as you start reading some of the posts. 

1. MY HUMOR (Or rather my attempts at humor)
EVERYONE thinks that they're funny. I find that funny. My blog posts are meant to be entertaining, because that's who I am AND because it'd be pretty boring coming here every week and reading, "Hey, I like this song, it sounds good" for each and every song. My weird off-beat humor is just the filler for the reason we're all here - Because we like lists and we want to see what the 100 Best Worship Songs are.

I spent weeks going over all my music, all my old music, and looking online at what others are saying to come up with this list. If you read the Criteria tab above you can learn more about my methods and qualifications. So, when you encounter a post where I spend 8 paragraphs talking about Back to the Future, just know that I really have taken this list seriously. 

Somewhere around 92% of all internet blogs never get finished, according to a stat that I just made up. Since I can't sing or play any instruments, this blog is my creative outlet for my love of worship music. You should know that if you start getting invested in the countdown, I WILL update regularly, and it WILL get finished. That is a SOLEMN promise from a guy you don't know on the internet, the most sacred of promises.


Just keep coming back, that's all. I'm a one-man operation, and there's absolutely no money in this for me. So, if you enjoy this, just keep coming back. Sign up for email or bookmark or tie a string around your finger or whatever. And, and this is big, please LEAVE A COMMENT once in awhile. Anything. It will make me feel good.

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